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Business Savings

Saving with American Bank & Trust is so easy. Open your savings account with a minimum deposit of $100 and watch your money grow.

We can set up automatic deposits for you coming directly from your American Bank & Trust checking account or your can direct your own deposits by using our internet banking site. You may also link your savings account to your checking account as overdraft protection avoiding any fees generated by an overdraft.


  • $100 minimum deposit to open the account
  • Maintain a $100 daily balance to avoid an end of the month service fee of $5.
  • Interest is earned on the daily balance. Interest is accrued daily and compounded to your account at the end of the quarter.
  • ATM access
  • Free Internet Banking Services: Detailed account of transactions, transactions categories capability, and internal account transfers (including payments to loans), downloads, etc…
  • Free quarterly imaged statements, combined statements or electronic statements
  • 24/7 Bank by Phone service (1-888-389-2265)
  • Free Mobile Banking Services


  • American Bank & Trust allows 6 debits/withdrawals per month without a charge. A $3.00 excessive withdrawal fee will be charged for any debit exceeding 6.
  • A dormant fee of $5.00 may be applied if the account has no activity for 365 days. If the balance in the account is = or > $500.00 no dormant fee will be charged. (The posted compounding of quarterly interest is not considered activity.)

Additional Features

  • Internet banking deposits capabilities
  • Combined Statement available
  • Linked to other accounts as Overdraft Protection (6 withdrawal requirement applies)

**Please ask your customer service representative if you have any additional questions. For our current account interest rates, click here or call 270-796-8444.